Our Plan to 

Make Curry Health Great!

Our Vision for the Future


We envision a future where:

  • We all live longer, better lives because the healthcare is so good 

  • Patients have easy access to care 

  • Care is provided by well managed and well supported happy employees

  • New employees want to work here and are willing to deal with all the other issues to work in such a great environment 

  • Outside providers send every referral they can to us because we are that good 

  • Senior management drives initiatives to make things better

  • Senior management doesn't make easily preventable mistakes

  • Senior management honors its operational performance and financial commitments

  • The board of directors assumes a normal role of governance with a management team that they trust

We are pretty far away from that today.

How Do We Get There?


Current hospital management had 6 Years to fix the problems and drive toward this vision. They didn't.

It's time for a change!

Easy to Say...

What are you going to do?


In the runup to this election, we have engaged with seasoned leadership candidates who know what success looks like in healthcare systems large and small and have driven that success​.

  • They have transformed health care systems from failing to thriving

  • They know how to treat and manage their most precious resource - the fine people who deliver healthcare

  • They are teambuilders at both the executive and delivery of care level

  • They have a deep understanding of the issues that face us today, upcoming changes in healthcare and understand the best practices to deal with these issues.

  • They have a history of honoring commitments and delivering results.

  • They are confident enough in their abilities to make a significant part of their compensation based on making the positive changes we need.

  • They are up for the challenge of Making Curry Health Great!

As Board Members How Would You

Set Management's Priories?


We would direct the new leadership to:

  • Make Curry Health operate efficiently, stay on-budget and deliver services to the community.

  • Organize the management structure to help frontline workers deliver excellent patient services, give providers more voice in management and improve employee's everyday work experience.

  • Deliver us detailed plans with objectives, execution plans, team members & incentive plans for the board to fund:

    • Dramatically improve patient access to primary care.​

    • Engagement with outside healthcare providers to earn their trust and direct all their referrals to Curry Health for services we provide.

    • Dramatically change the culture to improve employee daily work experience, retention and aid in recruiting

    • Transition to a managed care model for payment of services

    • Transition to a modern electronic medical records system including all the pre-work of process engineering and data preparation and plans for training, organizational change management and incentives for employees to adopt the new system and monitoring and maintenance of system usage.

    • Reengineering business processes to make our employees more effective and satisfied and Curry Health easy to do business with.

    • Work with Port Orford residents to determine their needs and how to best meet them - partner with outside providers, do it ourselves or whatever works to meet CHN's commitments to Port Orford.

  • Execute the plans as prioritized.

When a driven, experienced management delivers on these initiatives,

we will be well on our way to...

Making Curry Health Great!