Curry Health Network Has Issues

Fix them and we Make Curry Health Great!

It's time to stop talking and presenting to the board and start doing!
Patients wait a long time to be assigned a primary provider and then it takes too long to see them. Why?
  • We don't have enough providers. They are hard to recruit and retain and we don't help ourselves by not effectively addressing their two main issues of a poor work environment and helping them find temporary housing. Call Curry Health in Gold Beach and see if you can get a primary care provider for Curry Health in Gold Beach. That's a problem.
  • They don't see enough patients. We need to support our providers with tools to make them more productive. Our providers see significantly less patients than the national average and it's not their fault. Curry Health's medical records system needs to be improved and ongoing training and monitoring are nearly non-existent. Business processes (how the work flows) outside the medical records system really need to be fixed. Even if you fix the medical records system, broken processes still need to be addressed. It's an ongoing source of frustration for all hospital employees.
    This is not a new problem. Management has talked for years about solving the problem, but haven't. There are short-term workarounds and long term solutions that need to be implemented today to help providers deliver more and better patient care.
  • We write bad contracts. Most providers are contracted to work a certain number of hours and provide certain services for a specific wage. Provider contracts need to tie compensation to productivity and patient outcomes and satisfaction. Deliver more and better service and make more money is a powerful motivator. We aren't using this powerful tool to its fullest. 

It's hard to get a Primary Doctor and see a Doctor

Employees Love Helping Their Patients

Work Environment - Not So Much

It's Hard for Curry Health to Attract & Retain Employees
You Should Care About This Because:
  • Your life depends on it
  • It Affects the Lives of Our Dedicated Providers
Why is That?
Start with the one thing management controls - employee satisfaction
Let's compare employee reviews of Curry Health and our competitor in Crescent City - Sutter Coast Hospital. 
Should have similar ratings - right? WRONG! (Recruiting Site)
Employee Reviews for Curry Health - 2.6 / 5
Would you eat at a restaurant with a 2.6 star review? Why would you work at an employer with the same rating?
No wonder it's hard to recruit & retain employees!
Why is the rating so low? We've interviewed  a lot of current and former employees but a current employee did such a good job of summarizing the problem, we will go with their featured review on

Quotes from 

Curry Health Review

"Management all about themselves...Only Want to Help Their Friends"

"Management does not  punish those who create hostile environment...instead, down trodden person is punished"

"People friendly but a lot of backstabbing, talking behind people's backs"

"Overall, not a great place to work"

We've heard this from countless interviews with current and former employees. Inexperienced senior management only cares about their own personal power and keeping their jobs and not supporting their best people.

Let's Compare Employee Satisfaction with a Hospital 50 mi. to the south (Recruiting Site)
Employee Reviews for Sutter Coast - 4.3 / 5
Would you eat at a restaurant with a 4.3 star review? 
No wonder they are beating us in recruiting and retention.
Why is the rating so high? While we haven't interviewed Sutter's employees, let's read an employee's review of Sutter on that reflects many others:

Quotes from

Sutter Coast Hospital Review

"I felt very appreciated...especially the management team"

"They were always true to their word"


"They are constantly looking to improve the environment and the experience of staff, patients, family and friends."

"I would work there again should the need come to my doorstep"

Why can't Curry Health provide this kind of work experience for our caring and dedicated employees and make them want to stay?

Fixing the Culture is the Foundation of

Making Curry Health Great!

  • Happy employees provide great service and don't leave the hospital.

  • It takes strong and decisive management to fix the culture.

  • There are good managers and bad managers. Sending managers who created a dysfunctional culture to classes and hoping they will fix the culture is a fool's errand. 

  • We need a seasoned management team who know what success looks like, have done it before and will put programs in place to fix the culture.

Our Dedicated Healthcare Workers Deserve Better!


Finances -More Than Just Money

Why should you care about Hospital Financial Management?

  • Hospitals need to at least break even to stay alive

  • Extra cash can be used to provide more and better services

  • Consistent financial performance is an indicator of how well we are serving our community.

  • Consistent financial performance is a reflection of how well the hospital is being managed. 

How are We Doing? 

  • Pre-COVID government funding - not good. Check out the CHN board packets from early last year.

  • We won the lottery with government supplied COVID funding. Where would we be if we didn't win the COVID lottery?

  • We have to ask questions about how management decisions affect the bottom line and even though we have COVID lottery winnings in the bank, how those decisions will affect us in the future .


Management Decisions Affect the Bottom Line

  • How much did the failed opening of the Brookings ER cost in the spring of 2019? Some say in excess of $400,000 Was the board even asked to approve this decision?

  • Brookings ER - great idea, poorly executed? How much money was wasted during the actual opening in winter 2019?

    • Was the opening well over the budget approved by the board? 

    • Was there a misunderstanding with the contract ER Physician group that cost us a lot?

    • Did lack of training and monitoring of new providers (standard in opening of a new facility) cause hundreds of thousands of dollars not being paid by insurers?

  • How much money have we lost by hiring highly paid providers not yet "credentialed" by insurers to get paid for their service? In one example, we have heard Curry Health was paying a new provider a very high salary for 5 months while they couldn't bill the hundreds of thousands of dollars that was promised in the budget? And, that's only one example.​

  • How much money have we lost by not engaging with providers not employed by Curry Health?

    • Do most medical practices in Brookings send their patients to Sutter for high profit margin Imaging services?

    • Do they refer most of their patients to Sutter for other services?

    • Do some Gold Beach patients request imaging and other services elsewhere because they are frustrated with our broken processes and records system?

    • We are talking millions of dollars in lost revenue and this has been going on for years. Sutter is eating our lunch and we are just handing it to them!

    • If you were running the hospital, wouldn't you have fixed this immediately? There are short and long term solutions to this problem before we take on the huge project of replacing the medical records system. We just need to implement them - and should have years ago.

If we had the millions that we lost over the past few ​years we could have funded:

  • Upgrades to a modern medical records system that would increase provider productivity to give patients more access, and, if we fixed all of our other processes become the supplier of choice for outside provider imaging and lab services. generating even more cash flow.

  • Hired more primary care and specialty providers

  • Hired business process engineers to fix the broken processes that cause patient, outside provider and employee dissatisfaction.

  • Hired HR professionals trained in cultural transformation

  • Funded solutions to new employee housing problems.

We could have done lots of things with that wasted money.


Many Outside Healthcare Providers Send Their

Patients to Sutter Instead of Curry Health

Why Should You Care?

  • Imaging services are about 25% of most hospitals revenue and are very high profit margin.

  • Money that we could use to better serve you is going to Sutter Coast.

  • If outside providers don't use Curry Health's services, that raises disturbing questions about where we should get our healthcare.

What's the Problem?
Why don't outside providers use Curry Health's services?

  • Do we do bad lab work? Are our X-Rays fuzzy? Are the expensive CT and MRI scans done improperly? 

    • NO, NO and NO! We've heard not one complaint about the work. Again, our fine frontline workers are doing a great job.​

  • Is Curry Health easy to do business with?


  • Let's look at one outside provider's experience:

    • Orders for X-Rays and lab work are often lost

    • Many times, results from tests or imaging are not received. Providers waste their time chasing down results & delaying patient care. 

    •  Some providers have burdensome workarounds like having the patient physically walk orders to Curry Health.


  • Is Curry Health's competitor Sutter Coast easy to do business with?

  • Place your CT, MRI, X-Ray, or lab order at Sutter and get results.

  • Providers don't need workarounds. They use their time to serve their patients instead of chasing down results that should have just been delivered.

  • If you were an outside provider, where would you send your lab & imaging business?

  • This is a problem that management has ignored for the past 5 years. Over the years, we are talking millions of dollars going to Sutter that we could have invested in Curry Health's healthcare system.

  • Has Curry Health continually engaged with outside providers to understand and fix their issues and earn their business? We suspect you know the answer! 

  • Is this just one example of broken, unmanaged business processes that frustrates patients and providers, lowers provider productivity, loses Curry Health lots of money and can be fixed? Why haven't we? 


Why Does Curry Health District's Board of Directors 
Have to Work So Hard?

They Did an Amazing Job

  • We had some serious operational talent on the board:

    • Laurie VanZante co-owned and managed with her husband Tu Tu Tun Lodge - one of the finest upscale lodges on the west coast

    • Bo Shindler who, with his partner Dugie Freeman founded and built Freeman Marine - a world-class supplier of premium commercial boat products right here in Gold Beach

    •  Bryan Grummon managed companies large and small across the country in various business segments

  • They work really hard - some, 20 hr. / week and much more to keep Curry Health operating and since winning the COVID grant lottery, trying to make it better, all for no pay.​

  • We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for managing Curry Health through some very difficult financial times. We have to wonder if the hospital would have survived without their tireless work.

Why are they working so many hours?

  • A recent McKinsey study showed that the average board director spends about 6 hr. / week in their role even in highly paid director roles for large corporations. Why are our fine directors working so much harder for free?

  • Is it because the board took over the leadership and high level management roles an experienced management team gets paid to do? Do they have management on a very short leash? Is that why the board works lots of hours?

    • Seeing shortfalls, did these talented directors instinctively do what they have always done - jump in, roll up their sleeves and managed?

    • For examples of how closely the board is managing the CEO, check out the level of detail the board requires from the CEO at board meetings from earlier this year.
      This is not normal!   Is the board really monitoring the minutia of of all sorts of tasks including the details of tasks for implementing policies such as "the CEO shall not retaliate against employees". That's not how a board governs a management team that they trust.

    • And...that's how a volunteer job of health network governance board turns into a near full time job of hospital management for some of the directors all for no pay.


  • Heaven help us if we elect a board majority that keeps current management and let's them run the show unrestrained. And...there is an opposing slate of candidates running to do just that! 

That's not how any of this is supposed to work!


We can make it better! read more