Elect Sara Dickerson and Bill Divens

Directors Curry Health Network

Accountability   Accessibility    Sustainability

We Need Better Healthcare in Curry County

Sara and Bill Have a Plan

Our Platform

  • We can have much better healthcare in Curry County.
  • You should be able to get a primary care provider quickly.
  • Our dedicated healthcare workers deserve to be treated better.
  • We need well managed services and well managed finances.
  • We really can Make Healthcare in Curry County Great!

We have outstanding hospital employees

working tirelessly to provide your healthcare, however...

Six Years Ago, We Hired New Hospital Management

Do They Continue to Make Mistakes That:

Hurt your ability to get & see a primary care provider read more
Makes outside healthcare providers refer patients for high value services to Sutter read more
Causes the CHN board to work countless hours to manage Curry Health read more
Hurt our talented and caring employees' job satisfaction and retention read more
Hurt Curry Health's
financial health read more
Motivated us to craft a plan to Make Curry Health Great!read more.


We are a local healthcare provider and retired Silicon Valley businessman dedicated to  MAKING CURRY HEALTH GREAT!

Sara Dickerson

Sara grew up in Gold Beach and understands the unique challenges that residents in Curry County face from transportation, distance to specialty services and provider turnover. Sara graduated with a Masters Degree in Nursing from Frontier University with honors. Sara has worked as a home health nurse, cardiac nurse, emergency and trauma nursing the past 10 years. Sara also holds an advanced certification in wound care. 

Sara is founder of South Coast Health Center providing primary care service to Gold Beach and a former employee of Curry Health. She has a unique perspective of what works and what doesn't at Curry Health both as an employee and a community healthcare provider. She wants to use this knowledge to Make Curry Health Great!

Find out more about Sara and why she is running for director of the Curry Health board of directors.

Bill Divens

Bill is a retired Silicon Valley businessman who has been enjoying his retirement job as a local fishing guide in Gold Beach since 2010.  During his 25 years in Silicon Valley, he founded 2 venture funded startups and held management positions in multibillion dollar corporations. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Wild Rivers Land Trust. 


Bill knows what success looks like, has led and been a member of teams that transformed corporations, and is eager to bring that ability and drive to the Curry Health board of directors. He sees the opportunities, he understands the problems and has a vision for a better path forward to Make Curry Health Great. 

Find out more about Bill and why he is running for director of the Curry Health board of directors.