CHN Employees

We will make your work life much better but,

we need a little help from you!

PLEASE ask your friends to make your work life better by electing Sara Dickerson, Bill Divens and the candidate we endorse for position 2 John Connor to the Curry Health Board.

Our Plan to help you:

  • You deserve management as awesome as you are! We are going to deliver that to you.

  • New experienced management will reorganize the top heavy management to focus Curry Health on patient outcomes and the people that care for the patients not what works for individual managers. More people caring for patients and less meeting attenders. 

  • We will direct new management to analyze every high value employee benefit in terms of $ cost vs the cost of employee dissatisfaction, high turnover & recruiting difficulty. In light of cost benefit, you may be surprised at how many of these are actually affordable. Here are some unique benefits we need to look at:

    • Better hospitals offer to cover the deductible & co-pay for the services that they provide - essentially free care for employees at the hospital. Let's analyze the incremental cost of this. Our providers are on salary and we own the machines. Incremental cost may be far less than you think.

    • Redefine "fulltime" employment to 75% of the existing 2,000 hr. / year for employees willing to trade income for better work / life balance. Big deal for some and something other hospitals don't offer. What a great recruiting tool especially for converting travelers to full time employees. We'll take 75% of an awesome full time employee over 100% of a traveler any day. Good for the employee, good for the patients and good for the bottom line.

    • Rework PTO and holiday pay to align with best industry standards and practices.

    • Dynamically index 401b contributions to net operating surplus. With a great management team, your retirement account will be pleasantly surprised. 

    • Up or down, new management will explain their decision making process for employee input.

    • Email us with your ideas of benefits you would like to see - 

  • Implement deep and meaningful culture change throughout the management of the network to address all the management issues that hurt your work experience. Replace or retrain problem managers and keep the best - whatever it takes.

  • Reorganize to give providers more power in CHN decision making. We believe that an empowered provider has to be the "last person in the room" with the CEO for major management decisions.

  • Fix the broken business processes that frustrate you and outside providers and incentivize management to continuously improve them.

  • Implement short term improvements to CPSI to make it as good as it can be and plan the initiative of migrating to a new, user friendly EMR. This is a big project which is why we need a short term CPSI fix.


If you like our plan for you, recruit ALL of your local friends to vote for Sara Dickerson, Bill Divens and the candidate we endorse for Position 2 - John Connor. 

Ask them to immediately fill in the ballot they receive around May 1st and send it in. 

Tell your friends how important this election is to you. Do whatever it takes to get them to drop off that ballot.

Only 1,700 people voted in this election a few years ago - if you can get 10 of your friends & family to vote for us, YOU win in a landslide!

We are running to improve access to care, support our local providers, and make your work life better. Please help us help you.