Our Campaign

 Apr 21, 2012

The Change Curry Health team campaign endorses John Connor for Curry Health Board Position 2.

We have no team member running for position 2 and none of the candidate have any affiliation with our campaign. So,  we had to analyze what the candidates said at for the Curry League of Women Voters Candidate Forum on April 19 to decide who to endorse. Three candidates are running - John Connor, Derral Hawthorne and Richard Burton. Unfortunately, Richard Burton was unable to attend, so, we don't know enough about him to make a decision. That leaves Derral and John.


Why we didn't endorse Derral Hawthorne:

Derral Hawthorne is a well respected Physician's Assistant working North Bend Medical with the senior provider there - Dr. Williams. Dr. Williams signs off Derral's charts. Dr. Williams is the husband of the current Curry Health CEO. We do believe Derral cares deeply about the patient experience at the hospital and If he were employed somewhere else, we very well might have endorsed Derral.

Derral gave a very sincere explanation about why he doesn't have a conflict of interest serving on a board that may have to make hard decisions about his senior co-worker's wife and we believe that he believes that in theory. We would all love to believe that about ourselves. In the real world, it just doesn't work that way.

Imagine if the board needed to discipline or terminate you senior co-worker's wife and as a good board member you need to vote on it. In the termination case, you just took nearly a quarter million dollars a year out of the household of the the person who signs your charts. How long will it take for your daily work experience to go back to normal? The option of recusing yourself from the vote is essentially a vote to not hold the CEO accountable since any disciplinary votes need 3 / 5 votes to pass. In theory this works, in practice, it doesn't. 

Why We Endorsed John Connor:

John has no affiliation with our Change Curry Health campaignHowever, we looked at his background and were impressed.

John is smart - He holds a PhD in biomedical engineering from prestigious Northwestern University in Chicago. He did biomedical engineering at Bell Labs (yes that Bell Labs). He clearly has a passion for medicine as his long career of biomedical research shows. As a department head the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology, John served on the board of directors that managed a $25 million annual budget. He has done a job like this before. John is retired and has time to spend in his role as director.

We believe that he would be a great addition to the Curry Health board.